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Bloomberg to Give $10 Million to Democrats in Districts Targeted by the GOP

Bloomberg to Give $10 Million to Democrats in Districts Targeted by the GOP

Most polls show the country nearly evenly split on the impeachment and removal on Donald Trump. Some Democrats in congress serve in districts where the impeachment inquiry isn’t popular. The GOP plans on running ads against these lawmakers, seeing their seats as potential pickups in 2020.

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Michael Bloomberg has recently entered the Democratic nomination race and has spent a huge sum of money on campaign ads. Now, the former New York City mayor has announced that he will be giving $10 million to Democrats in those districts targeted by Republicans.

This weekend, Kelly Sadler, the spokeswoman for conservative group America First Policies detailed the GOP plan. She told the Washington Post, “This is a full-court press. We want to put as much pressure as we can on these representatives to make this vote as hard as it can be on them.”

The announcement by Bloomberg was well received by Nancy Pelosi. The Speaker of the House said:

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“In 2018, Mayor Bloomberg was a critical ally in helping House Democrats regain the majority. Now, the stakes are even higher as we work to make health care more affordable by reducing the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs, increase wages and root out corruption. We welcome and thank Mayor Bloomberg for his support.”

These ads wont be the only ones Bloomberg will be running against the GOP. In addition to his own ads, the candidate has promised “$100 million for anti-Trump digital ads in six swing states during the primaries and $15 million or more for Democratic voter registration efforts before the 2020 election.”

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