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[COMMENTARY] Blackburn Tweets Anti-Semitic Trope During SCOTUS Hearings

[COMMENTARY] Blackburn Tweets Anti-Semitic Trope During SCOTUS Hearings

Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee) is one of the most contentious of all members of the GOP. Famously loyal to the Trump Administration, Blackburn was the reason Taylor Swift broke her silence regarding politics in 2018, urging young people to register and vote in the midterm elections. Although Swift helped set a voter registration record among millennials, Blackburn still won her race.

Unfortunately, Blackburn has emerged as one of the more contentious members of the Senate, resorting to openly hostile behavior during proceedings and tweeting inflammatory remarks. Blackburn crossed a line on Tuesday, however, when she tweeted an Anti-Semitic trope in the middle of Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s presentation on Dark Money impacting the Senate pushing through a Supreme Court nominee chosen by the Federalist Society.

Blackburn took an image of Whitehouse sharing a deck of detailed information and replaced it with an image of George Soros, the Jewish billionaire that Trump and his surrogates often claim is funding major Democratic efforts to keep Trump from getting a second term. Soros is often included in conspiracies about Jews controlling the world, and has popped up as part of a conspiracy theory portraying him using Ukraine as a playing field to undermine Trump’s campaign. Trump’s allies and other Republicans have long been working to tie Soros to nefarious plots to intervene in U.S. affairs for several years, yet have never been able to produce any proof.

“Here, Sen Whitehouse, I fixed it for you,” Blackburn tweeted, using a meme often invoked on Twitter.


Twitter users immediately jumped on Blackburn’s hate speech.

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Despite anti-Semitism being against Twitter’s terms of service, the tweet was still up as of Thursday night.

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