Black Men Are Causing Racial Division By Hanging Themselves Mark Taylor Purports

Conspiracy theorists and self- proclaimed “firefighter prophet”, Mark Taylor, is making a claim seen by many as outrageous. Taylor appeared on “The MC Files” with Chris McDonald and claimed that black men are trying to cause racial division by hanging themselves. He says the effort is also to sabotage Trump’s reelection.

Taylor also dismissed reports of black men being found hung across the country as a plot by the “deep state” against Trump. He said, “It’s all about keeping the narrative focused on civil war. A bunch of garbage that’s been going on like that—we’ve had what, five hangings now? They found bodies hanging? Give me a break. We know that’s deep state-related, that’s pushing some of this stuff to try to drive the narrative. Now, some of them have been maybe suicides, people trying to martyr themselves because they know what it’s gonna do to this whole black, white thing, to try to start the civil unrest, to try to stoke the fires again. This is what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to keep this going through the election.”

Taylor and McDonald also theorized that Keith Ellison is going to purposely lose the case against Derek Chauvin so there can be more protests and rioting. Taylor said, “The reason that they’re going to walk is the way the case is being presented,” McDonald said. “What I believe and I think you’d probably agree with this—it was all a setup by Ellison, this Muslim attorney general, to do exactly what you just described to a tee. Because when the guy does walk … Minnesota is probably to go up in smoke and so is the country.”

You can watch the video above.

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