Black Lives Matter: Cross Burned In Teen’s Yard After He Leads Protest

Travon Brown organized a Black Lives Matter protest in his town. In response, a cross was burned on his lawn. However, it’s not deterring the young man from his work. Instead, he’s motivated to keep fighting.

Teenager continues Black Lives Matter protests after cross burning
MARION, VA – JULY 3: Travon Brown, with megaphone, leads the Black Lives Matter Protest march through Marion, Virginia on Friday, July 3, 2020. (Earl Neikirk for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

The Washington Post reports that 17-year-old Travon Brown, of Marion, Virginia, followed up by leading a second march, but his family was still jarred from the implied threat. After the first march, Brown’s mother, Briggette Thomas, was walking home when she saw flames in front of her house. A (white) neighbor, James Brown, rushed over to inquire if she and her daughter were alright.

However, when police made an arrest in the attack, it was that same neighbor they arrested. Thomas recalled the two families’ children playing together, and even helping Brown find a home — the one neighboring hers. However, a witness saw Brown walking away from the fire, before he returned to ‘help,’ and another witness had heard Brown talk about burning a cross at the home. Another said that when asked about the incident the next day, Brown referred to the family with a racial slur.

Before the arrest, the Marion Police Department released a statement declaring their intent to take the attack very seriously, and Marion Chief of Police John Clair personally added, “The Town of Marion Police Department is absolutely committed to ensuring that people of color in our community are safe.”

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