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Biographer: Trump Regularly Spoke Glowingly of Jeffrey Epstein

Biographer: Trump Regularly Spoke Glowingly of Jeffrey Epstein

There are few people who could give better insight into the life of Donald Trump than those authors who wrote biographies about him. Tim O’Brien was one of those authors as he followed the President for two years and penned, TrumpNation in 2006. Trump later sued O’Brien in 2006 for claiming that he was not actually a billionaire.

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O’Brien appeared on Nicolle Wallace’s MSNBC program today to discuss Trump’s relationship with disgraced pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. According to O’Brien, Trump admired Epstein and often talked about him in a positive way.

When asked about the relationship, the author told Wallace, “When the president stands on the White House lawn and said he barely knew Jeffrey Epstein, that’s not supported by the fact pattern. They knew each other well from 1987 to at least 2o02. He traveled on Epstein’s jet at least once.”

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O’Brien also claimed that Epstein was a frequent visitor to the President’s properties. “Epstein was either a member of Mar-a-Lago in name or substance, but he was there all the time and the president wanted him to be there,” he continued. “I spent about two years, a lot of time with Trump in the mid-2000s, and he routinely talked about Jeffrey Epstein as someone he admired, he felt they were in sync.”

The author even claimed that the men’s friendship was a worry during the 2016 election. O’Brien said, “There’s a lot of similarities to how these two men approached the world. And it is not credible that the president didn’t have a close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, and they were worried about it up until Election Day.”

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