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Trump Thinks Genetic Superiority Makes Him Above the Law, According to Biographer

Trump Thinks Genetic Superiority Makes Him Above the Law, According to Biographer

Democrats often accuse Donald Trump of acting as if he’s above the law. That strategy has played well for the president. Despite the 2 years FBI Investigation into Russian collusion, Republicans were able to keep the report away from liberal lawmakers.

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As the writer of, The Truth About Trump, Michael D’Antonio has special insight into the mind of Trump. According to the author, the President believes he’s above the law because he is genetically superior.

CNN’s Don Lemon asked D’Antonio about Trump and how he views the law. The author explained:

“Well, he was raised to think that. The president’s father would repeat to him when he was growing up, ‘You’re a killer, you’re a king.’ So this idea of some people being elevated, some people being above all others, in this case above the law, I don’t think is foreign to him. I think it feels natural. He’s someone who believes in genetic superiority. He told me, ‘I don’t respect most people because they’re not worthy of respect.”

D’Antonio continued, “Why would he respect the separation of powers, checks and balances, any system that’s inconvenient for him.”

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The author isn’t the only person working along this line of thinking. House Judiciary Chairman, Jerrold Nadler said the White House views, the President, “like a King.”

The New York Congressman stated, “No President, no person in the United States is above the law. This is preposterous. They are saying we should end the investigation. We are not ending the investigation. If we were to agree to that, then no president would ever be subject to any kind of investigation for misconduct of any type.”

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