Biographer: Melania Trump Trawls the Internet Looking for Coverage of Herself [VIDEO]

It is well known that Donald Trump is obsessed with the way he is covered in the news. It is common to see the former President respond almost in real-time to slights both real and imagined. 

Melania Trump is much quieter on her social media, but apparently, she has habits similar to her husband's. During a recent interview, biographer Katie Rogers says the former First Lady is often on the lookout for positive coverage. 

Rogers, who is writing book on multiple first ladies, was asked about how Melania was different from others. 

"It's interesting, I talked to one of her former aides, Stephanie Grisham for the [book]," the author said. "She was former White House press secretary and top aide to Melania, who said, 'She would tell us all the time, this is our office, we do our own thing,' and she said, 'We might have pushed it a little too far, but we did establish that this role is completely voluntary,' which is true. You know, you're not paid, there are no actual rules. You can do as little or as much to a point, I suppose, as you want."

Rogers continued, "I think, you know, Melania Trump did enjoy being the first lady and liked putting the first lady logo on things and traveling in her capacity as first lady. She liked a lot less the scrutiny that came with it. She was a headline obsessive, she still is. She trolls – or trawls – the internet for coverage of her and her husband, so she liked that part a lot less. But the ceremonial part, you know, she enjoyed."