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Biographer: Mazars Accountant Could be Key to Racketeering Case Against Trump

Biographer: Mazars Accountant Could be Key to Racketeering Case Against Trump

Bad news is coming in so fast for Donald Trump that it has been challenging to get a handle on it. Last week, it was revealed that accounting firm Mazars USA had told the former president that they would no longer vouch for his financial statements.

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And Mazars separation from Trump may get even worse for the 45th president. According to David Cay Johnston, testimony from an accountant from the firm could be the key to racketeering charges being filed against Trump.

Writing for the New York Daily News, the Trump biographer noted, “Then there’s the danger to Trump from Donald Bender, the Mazars accountant who prepared Trump’s tax returns. Bender has turned state’s evidence. He testified before the grand jury in the Manhattan district attorney’s criminal inquiry, which under state law gave Bender immunity from criminal charges.”

The piece continued:

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“A tax charge or charges will almost certainly be embedded in any state racketeering charge, but tax won’t be a stand-alone criminal charge. The reason is that while Trump claims to be the greatest tax expert of all time, his lawyers would dismiss that as Trump just puffing up his reputation. Lawyers could say he just did what his advisers told him was right. Expect Bender and witnesses from Mazars to say Trump ordered them to do this and that against their advice.”

Read the article in its entirety here.

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