Binge Listening: 7 OneRepublic Songs We Love

Known for their anthemic songs and a vocalist who composes sympathetic lyrics, OneRepublic has worked their way to the top of the ladder, and not just overnight. Here is the list of the seven most memorable hits from the band from Colorado.

Number Seven: “Something I Need.” With its sing-along chorus influenced by gospel music, this song is one of the band’s most romantic. Reaching platinum on the Australian singles chart, the single is accompanied by a hilarious and eye-opening music video. It initially gained popularity after Ben Haenow performed this song on the 11th season of The X Factor.

Number Six: “All the Right Moves.” A rhythm track with drums and bass dance music, OneRepublic first performed the song live before releasing it. The song has its own sadness with an energetic vibe, plus lyrics that are open to interpretation. “All the Right Moves” deserves all the praises it could have.

Number Five: “Secrets.” Orchestral elements are rare in pop music, but when the acoustic strings of a cello become the main instrument of a song, we eat it up. Thanks to Tedder’s pleading vocals and a catchy melody, the track found a place in the hearts of listeners and gets better with every listen.

Number Four: “Stop and Stare.” Released after “Apologize,” OneRepublic proved that they’re not a one hit wonder with this song. Having Coldplay’s style of rock production and melancholy tune adds to the reasons why this became a pop hit. The lyrics tell us about a disillusioned man unable to move forward in life, and the music video adds to the song’s somber nature.

Number Three: “Good Life.” One of the band’s best whistling songs and known for its upbeat nature and carefree vibe promoting how good it is to be alive, “Good Life” captures the soul of every dreamer struggling to see positivity in life. The single reached the top 10 on Billboard Hot 100 and has been a concert staple for fans.

Number Two: “Counting Stars.” A merging of folk music and mainstream pop, the music video for this iconic song became the 15th most watched video on YouTube. The song is based on Tedder’s struggles and his desire to follow his goal of getting to the place where he can’t count dollars anymore, just stars.

Number One: “Apologize.” Released as a single online via MySpace, after being signed, Timbaland remixed the single with his signature R&B sound. The song subsequently became a massive international hit and the band’s signature song. The lyrics discuss a guy’s regretful look at a past relationship, and it became the band’s most commercially successful hit.