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Billy Bush Returns to TV, Wants to Interview Trump

Billy Bush Returns to TV, Wants to Interview Trump

The infamous Access Hollywood tape, which featured offensive comments from Donald Trump on October 7th, 2016. It was expected that the tape would paint Trump in an enormously negative light and prevent him from winning the presidency. Instead, Trump won the election and it was host Billy Bush who’s career went down in flames.

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After nearly 3 years, Bush will now be reappearing on television as the host of Warner Brothers’ Extra. In a recent conversation on the BUILD Series he said that he would like to interview the President on the show.

Bush was asked about potentially having Trump on as a guest. He replied, “I wouldn’t lead with him, you know what I mean. I’m happy to put some distance in there. But at some point I would. I’m interested in people who are in positions of power and how they handle it. I’d interview him because I’m a concerned American, you know?”

The Extra host was then explained his interactions with the President. “Back in the day, when that beloved tape was made [it] was 2005 and [Trump] was the number one star on NBC making a hundred million dollars in profit for the network and I’m the entertainment guy,” he said.  “So they’re like ‘Bush, you’re with him three days a week if you can.”

Bush also talked about how Trump was always “on.” He continued, “He talks at you. Here’s one thing you never hear from him — ‘Hey, how’s the kids?’ It’s a constant, you know, it’s like… you’re an astronaut, you’re in the capsule and asteroids are coming at you and you’re trying to maneuver this thing to get around the asteroids.”

Te new Extra will premiere next week.

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