Billy Bush on Trump Tape: NBC Sacrificed Me for Their Own Political Gain

Incredibly enough, it has been 5 years since the Donald Trump Access Hollywood tape was leaked. It should have been the nail in the coffin for the former president. But as usual, Trump faced no repercussions for his actions an the sexist comments seemed to only make him more popular with his supporters.

Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage

The other figure in the tape, Billy Bush, did face serious repercussions. Bush had just started working on The Today Show. But after the tape was released he was fired. Today, the television host looked back on the moment calling himself a victim of NBC’s political greed.

Bush wrote on his Instagram, “Today is the 5 year anniversary of the worst day of my life,” he wrote. “[The] family that raised me professionally sacrificed me in an instant for their own political gain. Let’s be real. Ultimately, they lost because HE somehow won. I barely survived the cascade of anxiety and despair. It lasted years. I am stronger because of it today, a better more empathetic guy I hope.”

The television presenter continued:

“I field calls from people in need of counsel still all the time. I have a plan creatively to use this experience to help heal the culture. These are good things. I am deeply grateful for the man who felt it as deeply as I did, my dad…I know the heart ache took an awful toll on him. He is in heaven. I always stop on this day to feel it. But I end up thinking about the pain of others which means I’m in a much better place. Thank you Sydney, kids, Bob, Jill, mom, John, Lisa G, Mike, Jack, and of course my beloved Dad. Ok, back to the program in progress.”


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