Bill O'Reilly Mad After His Books Got Banned in Florida Over Bill He Backed

Since becoming the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis has been focused on the state's education system. The Republican wants to filter American history so that students don't know about any of the country's more troubling moments. He even created new standards for the teaching of Black history in the state. 

Bill O'Reilly, formerly from Fox News, says he supports DeSantis' censorship efforts. But now two of his books, Killing Jesus: A History and Killing Reagan: The Violent Assault That Changed a Presidency, have been banned. He spoke out about the matter this week. 

"It’s absurd,” he told Newsweek of the ban.“Preposterous." O'Reilly continued, "When DeSantis signed the book law, I supported the theme because there was abuse going on in Florida. There were far-left progressive people trying to impose an agenda on children, there’s no doubt about it. And the state has an obligation to protect children. But the wording of the law was far too nebulous in Tallahassee…"

The former Fox personality said that he still supports banning books, just not his. "So, that law needs to be tightened up, DeSantis needs to come out publicly and say ‘this is insane, we’re not going to cooperate with this and we’re going to investigate the people who did it."