Bill Mitchell Says Masking For COVID-19 Is A Step Towards Enforced Burka Requirements And Slavery

On his Your Voice America show, Bill Mitchell declared that mandates requiring Americans to wear masks that reduce the spread of COVID-19 is just one more step towards forcing everyone to wear a burka. After that, he says, people will be “enslaved again.”

Bill Mitchell thinks mask = burqa
[Screenshot via Your Voice America]

Right Wing Watch clipped a snippet from the show, in which Mitchell hosted a visit from DeAnna Lorraine, a self-proclaimed political commentator who ran for U.S. House but lost in the GOP primary earlier this year. In the full segment, Lorraine and Mitchell are talking about Mount Rushmore and Donald Trump’s Independence Day speech (which they agree was not divisive, as they praise how Trump “ripped into the left”). Then Mitchell suggests that removing statues is an Isis-like behavior, and suggests that ‘the left’ wants to remove the Statue of Liberty. Mitchell calls the removal of “smaller statues” a “gateway drug,” then jumps into predictions.

That’s the whole idea, is they do these things by degree. You have the kneeling, and you have the masks, and the next thing you know they’ll be requiring everybody to wear burkas. And they’re tearing down the small statues, then it’s the big statues. And then they’ll take this freedom and that freedom and before you know it, you’re enslaved again.

It’s not a new theme for Mitchell, either. He’s been referring to methods for limiting the spread of COVID-19 as slavery for a while now.

Reinstating the institution of slavery has been a theme for him since even before the pandemic protections were put into place, such as these examples from late last year.

Still, he doesn’t offer any tangible connection that explains his hypothesized progression from kneeling as a peaceful protest and wearing masks to protect others against the spread of a virus, and the enslaved future he describes.

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