Bill Maher Wonders If Biden Would Name Obama Coronavirus Czar

Since COVID-19 reached the United States back in January, Donald Trump has placed a number of different people in charge of the country’s response. Mike Pence has been working with US governors. Jared Kushner is apparently doing something, but it doesn’t seem to be going well.

Photo Credit: Barack Obama Presidential Library

If Joe Biden is to win the election in 2020, it’s likely that the country will be dealing with the fallout from the pandemic. On last night’s episode of Real Time, Bill Maher wondered if Biden might ask Barack Obama to come on as his coronavirus czar.

The HBO host brought up the topic while speaking with former Vice President Al Gore. Maher asked, “What would you think about [Joe] Biden naming [Barack] Obama coronavirus czar right now?”

Maher continued, “He did really good with the ebola virus. You think that would excite people to get to the polls, knowing that Obama was going to be in charge of handling this disease as opposed to the way it’s being handled at the top right now?”

“I’d question whether or not Biden would want to do that right now, but it’s not a bad idea,” Bill, said Gore.

You can watch a clip of Gore and Maher’s discussion below:


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