Bill Maher: Trump Cannot Lie His Way Out Of Coronavirus

Bill Maher is the caustic, no-holds-barred host of HBO’s Real Time. He gave a million dollars to President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, and he has spent nearly four years hammering the disaster that is the Donald Trump presidency.

Matt Winkelmeyer/VF20/WireImage

Now, he is taking on Trump’s abysmal response to the coronavirus outbreak.

On Friday night’s broadcast, Maher lit into Trump, as his right-wing guest, Buck Sexton, tried to defend Trump’s approach.

Trump has called the coronavirus a “hoax” that was meant to take him down in 2020. Maher said to Sexton:

“But he is lying his ass off about it. You would admit he lies his ass off, and that’s part of the charm, I get it, because the government is for trolling and making liberals cry their liberal tears. But that’s not so funny now, is it? Do you really have no buyer’s remorse?”

Of course, Sexton, like all Republicans these days, is in the tank full tilt for Trump. No matter what Trump does or says, even criticism that is of his most egregious actions that regularly endanger the citizenry of the nation cannot be tolerated on Team Trump.

Trump was right when he said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in New York City and no one on his team would recant their support. That is how brainwashed certain segments of the GOP are these days, and Sexton is one of them.

When Sexton insisted that 202 Democrats and their supporters just wanted a coronavirus disaster on Trump’s watch to score 2020 political points, Maher said:

“We are not rooting for failure — we’re rooting for health. You don’t really believe the bullshit you’re saying.”

The sad part is that Sexton and other Republicans do believe that the bullshit they are selling the nation is the absolute truth. That is how cults work. It does not matter how obvious a lie it is, they have drank the Kool-Aid, and that is all that matters.

GOPers really would rather the nation die of a plague than have Donald Trump’s record sullied with so much as one black mark. Sad and dangerous, but true.

Watch the exchange below:


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