Bill Maher/Panelists: If Republicans Love America, Why Are They Trying to Destroy It

During his weekend show, Bill Maher and his panel ripped the GOP for claiming to love America while systematically trying to strip rights from its citizens.

Photo by David Becker/WireImage

These days, it is hard to tell what they GOP stands for. It’s certainly easy to figure out what they’re against. The party attempts to shut any Democratic proposal without offering alternatives.

Maher and his panel took on this issue Friday night. The host began, “We’ve all had a rough 5 years. Trump plus COVID was such a one-two punch. We all deserve a breather, which we got after the election.” Maher continued, “I just want people to understand, we have not moved an inch in solving the fundamental problem that we had six months ago, which is that the people of the United States hate each other and will not work with each other. This is the essential problem”

Panelist SE Cupp then weighed in:

“If your biggest idea, your biggest problem is that there’s too much democracy, too much voting, we’ve got to crack down on it. Too much speech and protesting, we gotta crackdown on that. Too much access to information. Let’s crackdown on that. I mean, what a punch in the gut. And for the party, the Republican Party, that makes pornography of patriotism and practically fellates the Founding Fathers, it is jarring and disorienting to have America this way.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of HBO:

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