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Bill Clinton: “I’m Truly Awed by George Floyd Protesters”

Bill Clinton: “I’m Truly Awed by George Floyd Protesters”

The living American presidents have made a point of weighing in on the George Floyd situation. Barack Obama was out ahead of it, referencing the protests in commencement speeches and releasing a statement. George W. Bush also released a statement, only the be mocked by current President Donald Trump.

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Bill Clinton, whose wife Hillary faced off against Trump in 2016, discussed Floyd and the protests during a recent address to 2020 graduates. The 42nd President told the students that he is in awe of today’s protesters.

The former commander in chief said that first, college students had to deal with COVID-19. “Just as we were dealing with that, we then watched as George Floyd’s life was squeezed out of him,” he remarked. “As Ahmaud Arbery’s last run turned him into hunters’ prey, and as Breonna Taylor died in a hail of bullets.”

Clinton then said of the current political environment, “This has put your future, our democracy and our very planet at risk.”

The former President, however, had praise for the way young people have reacted saying he’s, “truly awed. You have given new hope that we might yet succeed in our very oldest struggle,” he continued.

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Clinton closed his remarks with a quote from Martin Luther King. “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. He might have said it less poetically that it actually zigs and zags toward justice, and somebody has to be there to bend it in the right direction. And your generation is doing a lot of the bending.”


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