Bill Barr’s “Russiagate” Probe Subject Of Emergency Investigation Petition

Attorney General Bill Barr opened an investigation into what Donald Trump calls “Russiagate” — that is, Robert Mueller’s probe into the efforts of Russia to interfere in the 2016 U.S. elections, and the question of whether the Trump Campaign inappropriately coordinated with Russian entities to do so. Trump and Barr have fought to discredit that investigation, releasing misleading and even fully false information about what the investigation uncovered. Now, Bill Barr’s “investigation into the investigation” could be an effort to further help Trump in the 2020 elections, House Democrats say, and they want to know what exactly Barr is doing.

Bill Barr politicizing DOJ
[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Requesting an investigation into the investigation into the investigation starts to sound like part of a bad joke or a one-up competition, but as reported by Raw Story, Democrats are concerned that Barr could intend to take actions within the probe that would influence the upcoming election. They cite the resignation of Assistant U.S. Attorney Nora Dannehy as evidence, noting that she said she felt pressure to release information ahead of the election.

Forbes reported in June that Barr has already been widely accused of politicizing the Justice Department — a government department that is supposed to be nonpartisan and neutral — to support the interests of President Trump, rather than those of the American people. The incidents include his misrepresentation of the Mueller report, opening investigations into Trump’s perceived political enemies, and efforts to remove an attorney for the SDNY in order to manipulate the timing of an indictment that could hit Donald Trump.

The emergency investigation would seek to determine the authority of U.S. Attorney John Durham in the probe, and whether Barr and those acting with him ar “following DOJ’s longstanding policy to avoid taking official actions or other steps that could improperly influence the upcoming presidential election.”

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