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Bill Barr’s New Book Reveals Just How Much He Hates Rudy Giuliani

Bill Barr’s New Book Reveals Just How Much He Hates Rudy Giuliani

Donald Trump has collected a number of hangers-on over the years. And many of these sycophants joined him in the White House. Rudy Giuliani was one of these people. The former Mayor of New York City constantly got Trump in trouble and was heavily involved in his first impeachment.

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In his new book, William Barr writes about Giuliani in a number of sections. And it is clear that the former Attorney General very much disliked Trump’s friend.

In one area, Barr writes, “As my chief of staff and I stood on the South Lawn with other senior administration officials, Rudy Giuliani suddenly appeared out of the crowd. Catching my eye, he walked directly toward me. I was reluctant to speak with him or be seen together, but I had nowhere to go. I shook his outstretched hand. ‘Good morning, Mr. Mayor, it’s good to see you,’ I lied. Scores of cell phones popped up over the crowd to take photos of us shaking hands. Terrific, I thought to myself.”

The former Attorney General also writes:

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“President Trump’s impeachment was a self-inflicted wound. Much of the blame for getting the President impeached, in my view, must be laid at the feet of Rudy Giuliani. The idea that the President’s allies could debunk the collusion narrative by digging up evidence hidden in Ukraine—or that they could get the media to report on the Biden family’s shameless behavior there—was a fantasy. The idea that goading the Ukrainians into investigating Hunter Biden would help the President’s reelection bid was idiotic beyond belief. The whole scheme was bound to backfire. And Giuliani’s public grandstanding, and the unsavory figures he got involved with, ended up seriously undermining his credibility—not to mention tainting the President.”

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