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Bill Barr Says Donald Trump Lost The Election & GOP Should Dump Him Now

Bill Barr Says Donald Trump Lost The Election & GOP Should Dump Him Now

Bill Barr, who served as Attorney General during Donald Trump’s presidency, can be added to the long list of former insiders who has waited until the Trump regime ended to write a book and tell his story. Like so many others, he now admits much that no one in the Trump Administration was willing to say openly while serving under the ex-president.

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The Wall Street Journal received an advance copy of the book, One Damn Thing After Another, which will be released to the public on March 8th, and has revealed some of the contents. Among other things, Barr admits that Trump lost the 2020 election, and that it wasn’t rigged — something that Trump himself will not admit to this day, even after the Big Lie encouraged a mob to attack the Capitol Building, threatening democracy and the lives of legislators.

Moreover, Barr joins the many rational voices that have called for the Republican Party to let go of Donald Trump, and focus on new leaders. He even states that Trump “has neither the temperament nor persuasive powers to provide the kind of positive leadership that is needed” — something that a lot of MAGA-branch Republicans still aren’t ready to admit.

Admitting that the election wasn’t stolen isn’t really new for Barr, though — he has made a trip through positions on the matter, as Trump’s power waned.

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While the election was still in the future, and there was still a possibility of Trump retaining the office, Washington Post described Barr as “carry[ing] Trump’s election fraud water with a smile” as he echoed the then-president’s false claims about mail-in ballots, and insinuating that election fraud was a widespread issue.

However, by December, as Trump’s loss was cemented, Barr was making public statements to say that there was no evidence of voter fraud sufficient to overturn the election — and last summer, with Trump out of office and re-ensconced in his Florida resort home, Barr was ready, according to Forbes, to admit that he suspected all along that the election fraud claims were “bullsh*t” and to pass the buck, saying he was pressured by Justice Department officials and Mitch McConnell, who was then trying to maintain his position as Majority Leader, to repeat the lies.

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