Bill Barr Reportedly Told Trump He Was Going to Lose Because His COVID Briefings Were “Humiliating”

Donald Trump has always seen himself as a winner and a leader. So when a deadly virus hit America, the president attempted to display leadership by holding daily briefings.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

But the briefings only served to show just how out of his depth Trump was. The 45th president frequently cut off the doctors and experts who actually knew what they were talking about. In his worst moment, Trump actually suggested that poisonous bleach should be injected into people who were suffering from COVID.

Some in the White House reportedly tried to stop him. In Carol Leonnig and Phil Rucker’s new book, I Alone Can Fix It, they report that Bill Barr told Trump to his face that he would lose his upcoming election because he was “humiliating” himself.

The authors write that Barr told Trump last April, “I feel you are going to lose the election. I feel you are actually losing touch with your own base.”

The passage continues, “I have yet to meet anybody who supports you who hasn’t said to me, ‘We love the president, but would you please tell him to turn it back a bit?’ You’re going to lose because there’s going to be enough people who otherwise would vote for you who are just tired of the acrimony, the pettiness, the punching down and picking a fight at every moment, and the apparent chaos, and they’re just going to say, ‘We’re tired of this sh*t.'”

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