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Bill Barr Facing Possible Legal Peril for Being Donald Trump’s Top Domestic Spy

Bill Barr Facing Possible Legal Peril for Being Donald Trump’s Top Domestic Spy

Former United States Attorney General William Barr may soon find himself in the crosshairs of investigations into who authorized and oversaw the Department of Justice’s secret domestic spying campaign seeking leaks that targeted members of Congress and their families during Donald Trump’s tyrannical presidency.

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Reporters were also subject to snooping through classified subpoenas which were turned over to various major news outlets by the Justice Department in recent weeks.

On Thursday, Norm Eisen, the House Judiciary Committee’s counsel during Trump’s first impeachment trial, predicted on CNN that much of the blame may fall squarely on Barr, whose “overall view of leaks led some people in the department to eventually see the inquiries as politically motivated,” according to reporting by The New York Times.

“In my 30 years in Washington representing people in front of Congress, and at DOJ working in government and the executive branch as a staff member like those staff members who got subpoenaed in Congress, it is completely without a precedent. It’s groundbreaking and earth-shaking. And there are going to be consequences. There’s going to be fallout,” Eisen said.

“You’re going to see congressional observations. You’re going to need a policy or laws to protect reporters and members of Congress. They even went after the child of one of these targets on the Hill to get information about a child’s account from Apple! And then there’s the question of Bill Barr, as Andy says,” Eisen continued in reference to CNN contributor Andrew McCabe, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s former deputy director.

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“We’ve already had two judges criticize him for a coverup in connection with protecting Trump from obstruction charges,” added Eisen. “Now people are going to be looking at his law license afresh. So expect a lot of legal fallout from this.”

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