Bigoted Right-Wing Pastor Calls Trans Rights ‘Doctrine of the Devil’

The American religious right’s incessantly bigoted stance against legal equality for all Americans was amplified on Tuesday by Andrew Wommack, a ferociously conservative pastor and the founder of Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College.


In a sermon on his Charis Daily Bible Study Live YouTube program that would make tolerance-preaching Jesus Christ cringe, Wommack said that constitutional protections for transgender citizens are the “doctrine of the devil” and that supporters of such proposals are possessed by bewitched by infernal forces.

“You know, this is something that’s very politically incorrect and will be – a lot of people will find this to be upsetting, but I tell ya – the things that are happening in our nation – it is a doctrine of the devil. It’s not just people with a different opinion. It’s not just some people have a different take on things. It is literally doctrines of the devil,” Wommack declared.

“They are taking children as young as four and five years old and telling them that you were born in the wrong body, you’re actually a woman in a man’s body or a man in a woman’s body, and they are surgically altering them and giving them hormone blockers and stuff,” he added. “I’m telling you, this is not just a different opinion – somebody that has a little different way of looking at things – it is a doctrine of demons. It is demonic, and the people who are doing it are being influenced and controlled by the devil.”

Wommack’s medieval “opinion” is not supported by science, but that is not stopping him from peddling hate.

“These are doctrines of demons – that a man can just choose to be a woman, he can choose to go into a women’s restroom because he feels like a woman today – that is nothing but an excuse for perverts,” Wommack continued. “It’s wrong. It is a doctrine of devils. And I know a lot of people can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m not saying anything that the word of God isn’t saying. It is demonic, and it is a doctrine of the devil.”

Wommack did not cite a singe Bible verse – or reference any peer-reviewed medical journals, papers, or studies for that matter – to back up his unfounded protestations.

Nevertheless, Wommack’s unprovoked assault dignity persisted.

“Now, I will admit this: There are some people who are being influenced by just going with the crowd, they are just following the flow, and they may not be demon-possessed, and they may not be themselves being totally controlled by the devil, but it is a doctrine of the devil, they are following that,” the video concluded.

Watch below, courtesy of RightWingWatch:

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