Big Mountain County – What Do You Think?

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Big Mountain County is a group that plays wild and dirty psychedelic rock and roll, in full DIY flavor. The group started in Rome in 2012 as an offshoot of The Boilers, itself a new garage band that had already built a cult following in the underground circuit. This video, for the song “What Do You Think?” is really fantastic. While the video footage itself was clearly shot with amateur equipment, the sound quality is excellent and the music is just fantastic, heady and dreamy. As a three-man lineup, in July the B.M.C. recorded a number of tracks that fully fleshed out their sound. It is something between rock, punk and garage; melodic with an inclination for strong song structure. In 2013 they released their first self-produced studio album. Later that year, the group went on tour in Eastern and Central Europe. They received a lot of positive feedback from these foreign audiences. In the summer of 2014 they started the production of their first full-length record, called “Breaking Sound”. After one month spent in Sicily to experience new sounds and new atmospheres in a house at the base of the Etna volcano, they recorded nine tracks at the Gas Vintage Records Studios in Rome. This song is just one of their really quality tracks. This music, to me, represents really what psychedelic rock is all about: something that you can totally tune out and drift off to. It reminds me of my days in Austin, Texas, where a lot of the jam bands are stylistically in this vein. It’s some real heavy guitar playing, and I love it.