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‘Big League Politics’ Exposed: Hypocritical Attacks of AOC and Others

‘Big League Politics’ Exposed: Hypocritical Attacks of AOC and Others

Big League Politics is a far-right media website that is known to cover and promote conspiracy theories, while also writing favorably about political candidates who have had white nationalistic views.  Big League Politics recently attacked our website (HillReporter) as well as Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. These attacks, which amount to more conspiracy theories, also show the hypocrisy of their reporting when you look at the finances of Big League Politics and their owner Timothy Reilly O’Neal.  We delve deeper into this hypocrisy in Episode 8 of KrassenCast, now available on iTunes and Youtube, as well as in the video below (starting at the 27:40 mark).

Big League Politics’ Political Blogger, Peter D’Abrosca, Attacks HillReporter

Over the past year or so, Big League Politics, and one of their conspiracy theorist bloggers, Peter D’Abrosca, have attacked me, as well as this very website, HillReporter.com, on numerous occasions (Full Disclosure: I am the co-founder of HillReporter). The most ridiculous attack came just last week when D’Abrosca messaged me on Twitter, asking about the finances of HillReporter. This was after I let him know that our website has yet to take a profit, instead opting to reinvest the money we earn and donate the rest to various charities.

“I’m going to write a story about how Hill Reporter makes no money cause that[‘s] hilarious,” Peter D’Abrosca wrote, before asking, “Where do you donate the money?”

The information about where our donations have gone has been tweeted by our co-founder James Kosur many times in the past. I personally didn’t have the information on hand so I let D’Abrosca know that I was going to double check with Kosur and get back to him. D’Abrosca, being the conspiracy theorist blogger that he is, replied, “The alternative headline is something like ‘Krassenstein’s Website Funnels Money to Shadow Organization,'” insinuating that he was going to create a conspiracy theory over innocent donations.

The very next day, an article was published on Big League Politics, entitled: “EXCLUSIVE: Krassenstein Brothers’ Site Donates Revenue to ‘Charities,’ Won’t Disclose Beneficiaries.” Not only was this headline just flat out ridiculous, but it was also completely not true.

Later that day, James Kosur responded to D’Abrosca on Twitter, letting him know exactly where HillReporter has donated their money, stating:

“RAICESTEXAS, Planned Parenthood, and several individual causes including fulfilling the full Xmas present wishes of three little boys in need (on my Twitter timeline right before Xmas), and $6,000 in various attorney fees to help people. You didn’t even wait for a response from me.”

This apparently made D’Abrosca lose it, as he then replied:

“GOOD LORD! The Krassenstein’s “news organization” Hill Reporter just outed itself as a Planned Parenthood donor! What a joke. The Krassenstein bros website donates revenue to Planned Parenthood, among others. So much for journalistic integrity.”

Yes, we do donate to Planned Parenthood, but Planned Parenthood is not a political organization, so journalistic integrity shouldn’t be an issue.  It’s an organization that helps prevent disease, gives individuals healthcare when they can’t afford it, and helps prevent abortions through reliable birth control.  And YES, we are proud to say we donate to Planned Parenthood!

The mere attack on us for donating our hard-earned-profits to an organization that we care about, is not just ridiculous, but it is a hypocrisy when you look at how Big League Politics and their owner, Timothy Reilly O’Neal operates.  More on this below.

Big League Politics attacks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Just a day prior to his conspiracy-laden attack of Hill Reporter, blogger Peter D’Abrosca focused his attack on Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, outlining an accusation that AOC’s staff had hidden $1 million in campaign contributions.  The article on Big League Politics, was titled “FEC Complaint: AOC’s Chief of Staff Accused of Hiding $1 MILLION in Campaign Cash.”

Anyone can file an FEC complaint, and in this case it appears to have been filed for political reasons.  The article focuses on a complaint that alleges that AOC’s top aide funneled money he had received in a political action committee (PAC) to two companies that he also owned, which, by the way, does not appear to be illegal.  In fact, this is how many PAC’s work.  They raise money and then transfer it to advertising agencies, consultancy firms and contractors which they hire to get political messages out.  There is nothing illegal about running any of these companies while also running a PAC simultaneously.

The Hypocrisy of Big League Politics and Peter D’Abrosca

For a media website that focuses so much on “dark money,” anonymous donations, and contributions to political action committees, Big League Politics and/or their owner appears to be deeply involved themselves in exactly what they are falsely accusing others of partaking in.

Timothy Reilly O’Neal, and his company Mustard Seed Media LLC., acquired Big League Politics in 2018.  Prior to that, he and his company handled advertising on the website as part of an apparent contractual agreement.  O’Neal is a very shady character himself.  He has a long history of running multiple PACs, as well as multiple consultancy firms.  These PACs and consultancy firms consistently have been transferring money back and forth between each other, at a rate much greater than what his website has accused AOC’s campaign aide of doing, while he also refuses to address journalists’ inquiries.

O’Neal, in 2017 ran two specific PACs called ‘Pro-Life North Carolina PAC,’ and ‘North Carolina Gun Rights PAC,’ both of which had shady dealings with O’Neal’s media firm, Mustard Seed Media. Mustard Seed Media, in 2017, was also handling advertising on Big League Politics.  It appears as though these two PACs were used to not only funnel money to Tidewater Strategies, and Capital Square Funding Group, both companies which appear to be owned and/or operated by O’Neal, but also apparently to place ads on Big League Politics’ website.

Remember D’Abrosca and Big League Politics accused Hill Reporter of having a lack of  “journalistic integrity,” and of being “a joke” because we donated to a non-political organization that we care about.  Meanwhile, it appears as though Big League Politics may have been working mutually with O’Neal’s conservative PACs to push advertisements for candidates and/or causes, since Big League Politics is the only website, known to the general public, that Mustard Seed has worked for, and no one at Mustard Seed or BLP was willing to divulge more info. UPDATE: After the article was published, Peter D’Abrosca finally decided to answer questions, claiming that O’Neal never ran advertising on BLP prior to acquiring the website.

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We reached out to Timothy Reilly O’Neal through a number we had on record as belonging to him.  Upon calling this number, a man answered with a southern accent.  When we began questioning him in regards to his PACs and website (Big League Politics), he suddenly changed his accent, and denied being O’Neal.  We asked him why he changed his voice and he said, “because you have the wrong number,” which didn’t make any sense. We later called him back and asked who he was, and he claimed to be John Thompson, before hanging up on us.

We also reached out to the editor-in-chief of Big League Politics, Patrick Howley, to get clarification in regards to possible ads which were provided to various O’Neal-run PACs by Big League Politics, after money was transferred between these PACs, Mustard Seed Media, and O’Neal’s other PACs and consultancy firms.  Howley’s only response was:

“What are you trying to accomplish for America? Be honest. What is your genuine motive?”

Peter D’Abrosca was very chatty when questioned, until we asked him whether or not Big League Politics ever ran advertising on their website for conservative Super PACs, free of charge, and whether or not these Super PACs were run by O’Neal. He just kept changing the subject, refusing to answer the questions at hand.

O’Neal has a long history of shadiness, as does Big League Politics, in their reporting of conspiracy theories.  This likely comes as no surprise to those who have been attacked by Big League Politics and Peter D’Abrosca in the past. O’Neal was a consultant for Roy Moore’s campaign as well as numerous other Republican candidates.

As the Daily Beast has reported, “In its new corporate form, Big League Politics is under the auspices of consultants who’ve made millions campaigning for the types of political candidates that receive friendly coverage from Howley and his crew of reporters.”

They are essentially what they falsely accuse their political foes of being, except they seem to be really bad at doing what they do. The Daily Beast reported that Big League Politics “has had a hard time translating that traffic into a steady revenue stream, according to a plugged-in source familiar with its operations.”

The entire Episode 8 of KrassenCast, in which we take a deeper look into Big League Politics and also interview a 2020 Democratic Senate Candidate named Trish Zornio, is now available on iTunes and Youtube.

You can subscribe to the KrassenCast podcast on iTunes and Youtube.

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