Big Dumb Baby: Fox News’ Kennedy Slams Trump Over Yovanovitch Tweet

Today’s congressional testimony from former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch ended with a standing ovation. Many pundits on both sides of the aisle were impressed with her candor and attention to detail.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for L’Oréal Paris)

One person who wasn’t impressed was the President. Donald Trump took to his Twitter account during the hearing to demean Yovanovitch and blame her for not solving problems in country’s she’s previously worked in. Fox News personality Kennedy blasted the tweet saying it made Trump look immature.

The Fox pundit first called out the former ambassador’s impressive credentials. “Democrats and Republicans did a good job, not only of showing that she had a very impressive decades-long record, but also that she wasn’t fired, she was reassigned, and she’s still employed, and she’s teaching at Georgetown,” she said.

Kennedy continued by taking apart Trump’s behavior. “Should the president be tweeting at her mid-hearing,” she asked. “No, it makes him look like a big dumb baby. And he makes her look like a victim and if he’d just let it go, this entire — the last two days of hearings and testimony would’ve been a snoozefest.”

There was more than one Fox News personality who took issue with the Presdident’s decision to tweet during the hearing. Bret Baier said of the moment, “That was a turning point in this hearing so far. She was already a sympathetic witness & the President’s tweet ripping her allowed Schiff to point it out real time characterizing it as witness tampering or intimidation -adding an article of impeachment real-time.”


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