Biden’s Lead Over Trump Rises to Double Digits in Latest ABC News Poll

Donald Trump has been in constant crisis since the year began. In January, the President faced an impeachment trial. Shortly after that ended, the coronavirus came to the America and has caused over 100,000 deaths. And just this week, protests broke out in a number of US cities over the killing of George Floyd.

Gage Skidmore/Flickr; Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia

All of these events could have major implications during November’s 2020 election. A spate of polls have shown that voters are not happy with the job Trump has been doing. In a new poll from ABC News, the President trails Joe Biden by 10%, one of the largest margins seen to date.

The poll was conducted by Langer Research Associates. Among likely voters, Biden leads Trump by 10 points, but that lead shrinks to 5% among registered voters.

Trump has also seen a dip in approval rating. His numbers had gotten somewhat better at the outset of COVID-19, but are again underwater. The number of respondents who said they disapproved of Trump also increased by 8%.

The New York Times Nate Cohn said of the survey, “Biden up 10 among RVs in the new ABC/Post poll. It’s been a pretty sparse two months of polling, but the high quality stuff–however few and far between–has been strong for Biden.”

Cohn also noted, “When you go from Biden plus 5 or 6, like in April or March on average, to 8 or so–where we’ve been in high quality polls in May/June–that’s, for me, where you go from ‘this race is probably still pretty close’ to ‘Biden’s probably got a comfortable lead.'”

You can see the full results of the poll here



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