Biden Withheld Comment On Derek Chauvin Until Jury Was Sequestered — Here’s What He’s Saying

Ex-police officer Derek Chauvin is charged with the murder of George Floyd, and the prosecution and defense have both made their cases. The jury has been sent to deliberate, and the nation is waiting for an answer. Only now is Joe Biden openly stating his position on the case.

[Photo by Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images]

Joe Biden has spoken about the trial of Derek Chauvin now, saying that he did not want to do so until the jury was sequestered. Though he had already contacted Floyd’s family in a humanitarian context, and expressed commiseration with their loss, he’s now speaking publicly about the potential outcome of the legal aspect.

“I can only imagine the pressure and anxiety they’re feeling,” he said, “So I’ve waited until the jury was sequestered, and I called.”

Biden says that the Floyd family is calling for peace and tranquility no matter what the verdict is. For himself, he says that he’s praying for the right verdict, which he says is, “overwhelming, in my view,” reiterating that he would not share that view before the jury was sequestered.

This closely follows widespread criticism of Representative Maxine Waters for speaking supportively to protestors, letting them know she understood their pain. CNN reports that the judge in the case, Judge Peter Cahill, has already said that her public comments could be seen as grounds for an appeal in the event of a conviction.

Floyd died in May of last year, when Derek Chauvin was the responding officer to an incident concerning a possible counterfeit bill. In video shared by onlookers, the officer held his knee on Floyd’s back for over 8 minutes, while Floyd begged for air. Three other officers involved in the incident will face trial separately.

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