Biden Undoing Trump Legacy One Diet Coke Button At A Time

On his first day in office President Joe Biden signed more than a dozen executive orders designed to undo some of his predecessor’s most disastrous, hateful policies. Democrats resoundingly cheered the actions on immigration, climate change, the coronavirus and eviction and student loan payment moratoriums.

But today it seems like the new president’s honeymoon could be in trouble because of another bold move. Biden ordered removed the so-called “Diet Coke button” that Donald Trump had installed on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office and the opinions being voiced on Twitter are harsh.

“Let’s call it what it is: a catastrophic misstep by the new administration.” “A horrifying assault on our norms.” “What happened to unity?” “I’m filing articles of impeachment.”

Trump, who it’s been reported quaffs up to a dozen Diet Cokes per day, had the button installed early in his presidency. Its existence was first reported by an Associated Press reporter who saw Trump press the red button, followed quickly by a butler delivering the soft drink to the president on a silver platter.

Rather than removing the signaling device entirely, some thought it should have been repurposed. “Biden should’ve kept this but instead of summoning a Diet Coke the button would call a random Trump family member and make a sad trombone sound.”

Button removal isn’t the only change made for the new president. Deputy director of Oval Office operations Ashley Williams gave the Washington Post an exclusive tour Wednesday morning of the newly redecorated office. “It was important for President Biden to walk into an Oval that looked like America and started to show the landscape of who is going to be as president,” she said.

(Photos by Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Biden kept the gold drapes that Trump had installed, which also previously had been in President Bill Clinton’s Oval Office. But Biden has gotten rid of the flags of the branches of the military that his predecessor had displayed behind the Resolute Desk. The focus of the room across from the desk is a massive portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Paintings of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton are hung near each other. Biden wanted them arranged to illustrate how differing opinions, of which the two men had many, are essential to democracy.

Busts of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy now flank the fireplace.

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