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Biden Team Rejects Support Of “Absolutely Repugnant” White Supremacist Richard Spencer

Biden Team Rejects Support Of “Absolutely Repugnant” White Supremacist Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer rejected by Joe Biden team

Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer, of the deadly Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville Virginia, appears to be attempting to create an image of his ilk as linked to Democrats, leftists, and specifically, Joe Biden. The Biden team isn’t standing for it.

Richard Spencer rejected by Joe Biden team
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Spencer has tweeted a series of jeering posts, boasting that he defies the norm of white supremacists and neo-Nazis being associated with right-wing politics. He’s shared images clearly meant to associate him with Biden, such as a created ‘Ridin’ with Biden’ image and an endorsement photo. However, Biden’s Rapid Response director immediately responded to fully reject this support.

In his statement about his vote, Spencer makes it clear he’s not supporting progressive policies or Biden himself — it’s just that “the liberals are clearly more competent.”

Biden’s campaign immediately responded, describing Spencer and people like him as “vile forces of hate who have come crawling out from under rocks,” and said Spencer’s support is “10,000% unwelcome.”

Spencer’s recent posts also indicate that he’s not voting for anti-racist, pro-immigrant, or otherwise progressive policies. Instead, he’s expressed annoyance at Trump for failing to follow through with policies like the border wall (in one post he says that Steve Bannon’s project, in which he siphoned money from donors, is no more of a scam than Trump’s own wall promises) as well as a certainty that the left isn’t going to successfully do anything progressive either. (He retweeted this assertion as seen below from Rose McGowan.)

He also retweeted the sentiment that those voting for Trump found him to be a gun with an “empty chamber” — suggesting he didn’t follow through on what they expected from him.


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Despite Spencer’s clear presentation that he supported the policies he expected Trump to enact, and is unhappy that the president did not do so, there appears to be a clear effort to falsify a link between neo-Nazis and the left. Spencer retweeted a post from Dinesh D’Souza asserting that this somehow proved that white supremacists, in general, are not Trump supporters.

He also retweeted a ‘Ridin with Biden’ image, and shared a photo of himself with a quote supporting Biden.


There’s no indication Spencer actually supports any policy associated with Joe Biden or Democrats. Instead, he suggests he’s disappointed with Trump, and he appears to be amused at the idea of associating white supremacy with Democrats. However, whatever associations Richard Spencer and Dinesh D’Souza might promote, Biden’s team is clear: they don’t want his support or association.

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