Biden Takes First Step Needed To Oust DeJoy From USPS

Louis DeJoy’s war against the U.S. mail may soon come to an end. President Joe Biden on Monday sent the Senate the names of three nominees to fill most of the vacancies on the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors, which should pave the way for the firing of Trump holdover Postmaster General DeJoy.

The pugnacious, blame-deflecting DeJoy was appointed by twice-impeached one-term president Donald Trump in the summer of 2020 and almost immediately ordered the dismantling of automated mail sorting machines and limited employee hours in an effort widely seen as intended to disrupt mail-in voting during the coronavirus pandemic. His leadership of USPS has been harshly criticized and a number of members of Congress, almost exclusively Democrats, have called for him to step down. At a February congressional hearing, however, DeJoy defiantly said he was going to remain in his position, “a long time – get used to me.”

(Photo by Graeme Jennings-Pool/Getty Images)

President Joe Biden said early on in his administration that one of his top priorities was restoring the former level of service of the post office. For millions of Americans, DeJoy’s actions have delayed delivery of monthly bills and their payments and made relying on prescription refills received by mail a dangerous proposition. The standard of delivery had been that 96 percent of mail was delivered on time – within two days – but under DeJoy that on-time delivery rate has degraded to just over 70 percent in some areas.

The three Biden nominees announced on Monday are Ron Stroman, a former deputy postmaster general, Anton Hajjar, former general counsel of the American Postal Workers Union, and Amber McReynolds, CEO of the National Vote at Home Institute.

With Biden’s nominees in place, the Board of Governors would have the votes to remove DeJoy.

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