Biden Says He’ll Hire Fauci Minutes After Being Elected

Donald Trump’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been a complete and unmitigated disaster. That isn’t, however, because he doesn’t have capable Doctor’s advising him. It’s because the president has refused the feedback of the people who actually known what they’re talking about.

Dr. Anthony Fauci debunks one Trump claim after another
[Photo by Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images]
One of Joe Biden’s best lines of attack against Trump concerns the COVID-19 pandemic and how he’ll handle it. The crisis isn’t likely to be over by the time November rolls around. In fact, some experts say that it is likely to be worse. On Saturday, Biden said that if he is to win, one of his first acts is to rehire Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Biden took to Twitter over the weekend, writing, “If I’m elected, I won’t wait to take action on COVID-19. Minutes after the race is called, I’ll call Dr. Fauci and ask him to stay on. During my transition, I’ll bring together experts and leaders from both parties to chart a path forward. We will overcome this, together.”

Dr. Fauci has, at times, been critical of Trump and how he has handled the pandemic. In July, the Doctor told reporters, “This issue of tweeting and retweeting is something that I’ve never understood or gotten involved in. But I can tell you, you’d have to say it’s not helpful if people get signals about not wearing masks when we are trying to get people to universally wear masks. My feeling about what we should do with masks is very very clearly understood by everyone including those in the White House.”


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