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Biden Says He Would Consider Kamala Harris For Vice President

Biden Says He Would Consider Kamala Harris For Vice President

With Kamala Harris’ recent withdrawal, the race for the Democratic nomination is winnowing down. That doesn’t mean nominee seekers won’t become a part of the eventual winner’s cabinet. Joe Biden served as Barack Obama’s Vice President and Hillary Clinton was his Secretary of State. Former candidates Ben Carson and Rick Perry served in Donald Trump’s cabinet.

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And with her impressive credentials, many think Harris could take on a major role in the future. When asked on Wednesday if he would consider the California senator as a possible running mate, Joe Biden said that he would.

“Of course I would,” Biden replied to reporters. “Senator Harris has the capacity to be anything she wants to be. I mean it sincerely.”

Biden continued to shower praise on his former opponent and named a number of different roles she could fill. “She is solid,” he continued. “She can be president someday herself. She can be the vice president. She can go on to be a Supreme Court justice. She can be an attorney general. She has enormous capability.”

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Harris and Biden memorably sparred earlier on in the Democratic nomination process. During a July debate Biden talked about the positives of Obamacare. Harris responded, “You’re just simply inaccurate. our plan does not cover everyone in America. By your own staff and your own definition, 10 million people — as many as 10 million people — will not have access to health care. And in 2019, in America, for a Democrat to be running for president with plan that does not cover everyone is without excuse.”

That argument is seemingly water under the bridge, though.

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