Biden's Critics Are Moving on From Debate Conspiracies to a New One About Parkinson's

Last week, President Joe Biden signed legislation aimed at preventing and finding a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.  The End Parkinson's Act, a gift to families impacted by the still-incurable disease,was modeled after the 2011 National Alzheimer’s Project Act, which created a national effort to address the Alzheimer’s crisis and all other forms of dementia by 2025.  

Today, the right-wing press have seized on this as a follow-up to their debate conspiracies which have fully fizzled out thanks to the President's robust fundraising and public appearances in the time that's elapsed since June 27th.

How dare Joe Biden want to help people, right?

This is how thirsty they are to jump on Joe and distract from Donald Trump being a convicted felon with a lengthy history of raping teenagers and adult women.

Of course he met with the White House doctor, so that they could construct a bill to help end Parkinson's, what is wrong with people?

JOE BIDEN DOES NOT HAVE PARKINSON'S OR ANY NEUROLOGICAL DEFICITS, but never forget that every accusation is a confession from the MAGA cult.

Where's the demand for Trump to step down when all he does is bloviate about Hannibal Lecter and sharks with big frickin' batteries on their heads, or whatever he's sundowning about?

Where's the demand for Trump to drop out when he's the one who can't pass a dementia test without a cheat sheet?

Where's the demand for Trump to "give someone else a turn" considering he's an adjudicated rapist convicted felon?

Yes, Joe Biden is 81. But he's not sick, and he's not frail. He's the most successful President since the 1960s and now he's signed a bill to help end Parkinson's disease. A disease HE DOES NOT HAVE.

I'm guessing there have to be some MAGA cultists out there with a loved one struggling with Parkinson's Or maybe they have it themselves. If only those people could be reached. 

Facts matter, and the facts here are that the MSM is chasing all bad stories about Joe Biden while ignoring the ones about Donald Trump. 

And the facts here are that Joe Biden does NOT have Parkinson's, but I'm guessing two days from now your uncle on Facebook will be telling you he does.