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Biden Praises “Good Man” Buttigieg for his Support Against Republican Attacks

Biden Praises “Good Man” Buttigieg for his Support Against Republican Attacks

There are a number of Democrats who are currently seeking the 2020 nomination. While the discourse has been relatively civil, there have also been some attack on other candidates. Amy Klobuchar recently hinted that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were too liberal to be elected.

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Some candidates, however, have taken the opportunity to defend their opponents when they felt criticism was unfair. Pete Buttigieg recently defended Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, from Republican slams. An appreciate Biden praised the South Bend Mayor, referring to him as a “good man.”

Buttigieg found Republican criticism of Hunter Biden to be hypocritical. He explained to CNN’s Jake Tapper, “the president of the United States is a walking conflict of interest. You want to talk about family members, in the White House right now you’ve got Ivanka Trump benefiting from patents from the Chinese, you’ve got the president’s son-in-law texting with Mohamed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.”

Biden was thankful for the comments. The former Vice President said at a Iowa Presidential forum, “I’m a friend of Pete Buttigieg.”

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He continued, “By the way, he’s a really decent guy. I turned on the television this morning and he was defending my family against these outrageous, lying ads of the president of the United States of America. That’s a good man.”

Biden will be able to thank Buttigieg in person later this week. The two men will be among the 12 candidates taking the stage on Tuesday at the 4th Democratic National Debate.

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