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Biden In, Trump Out Of Paris Wax Museum

Biden In, Trump Out Of Paris Wax Museum

Donald Trump’s welcome slide into irrelevancy seems to be gathering steam. He remains banned from mainstream social media and people are staying away in droves from his anemic blog. And now, there’s this. C’mon man!

The famous Grevin Wax Museum in Paris, closed since late October because of the coronavirus pandemic, reopened last Wednesday but the twice-impeached former president’s likeness wasn’t there to glare at visitors. Instead guests are greeted by an arms crossed, broadly grinning President Joe Biden. In London Trump already has been stripped of his signature suit and red tie and outfitted with golf attire at Madam Tussaud’s. And his wax figure has been moved to a storage closet at San Antonio’s Louis Tussaud Waxworks because visitors kept punching it.

Former President Barack Obama’s wax effigy, smiling serenely, remains in place. But Trump’s head and body have been packed up in separate crates and moved to the museum’s cellars. A museum spokesperson told Reuters that Obama’s image will remain because he is a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, an honor that Trump sought and was nominated for but never received.


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French President Emmanuel Macron is present, as are German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping. But British Prime Minister Boris Johnson so far has not made the cut.

The Grevin Wax Museum opened in 1882 and has featured all U.S. presidents since James Garfield. The museum still has the heads of several U.S. presidents including George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush senior, Ronald Regan, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy, but those of most older presidents have been discarded.

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