Biden: “I Hope to God Donald and Melania Will Get Through This”

Joe Biden is 77 years old. And while he is in very good health for a man his age, he is still be at high risk if he was to contract COVID-19. You will often see the former Vice President wear a face covering whenever he is in public and he maintains social distance.

Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

But Biden was in danger of contracting the virus during his recent debate with Donald Trump. It is not known exactly if Trump already had COVID-19 during the event, but it is likely that he did. Still, the former vice president wished the president and his wife well on Saturday saying that his is praying for him.

Biden was first asked how he found out about Trump’s diagnosis. “I learned it like everybody else did, on the news,” he said. What I felt positive about, we never got closer than you and I are, my wife was there, but she had a mask on, in the audience,” Biden said, in reference to Tuesday’s debate. “She came up, there wasn’t any contact.”

Still, the former Vice President said that the President is in his thoughts. “But I feel, I genuinely feel badly for the president,” Biden continued. “I hope to God that this is something that he, he and his wife will be able to tolerate and get through without any lasting impact on them.”


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