Biden-Harris Asking for Donations to Fund Transition

With no clear timetable for when General Services Administrator Emily Murphy will sign the ascertainment paperwork needed to recognize Joe Biden as the next president of the United States and release some $19 million in funding, the Biden-Harris transition team is turning to the public.

Friday afternoon Vice President-elect Kamala Harris tweeted out a fundraising appeal. “Trump’s refusal to concede means that we need to fund the transition ourselves. Will you chip in now to ensure that our country is fully prepared for the transition of power?”

Historically the GSA administrator has recognized the newly elected president within 24 hours of the race being called, but Murphy, whom Trump appointed in 2017, has given no indication that when or how she will make that determination. Until she does taxpayer money that is budgeted and set aside to pay for the incoming president’s transition activities remains locked up. And the incoming Biden-Harris administration is denied access to government office space, classified briefings and other information to help get it ready to operate on Jan. 20, 2021, when Biden is sworn in.

The Washington Post is reporting that Murphy has yet to reveal exactly what fact or development she’s waiting for to declare Biden the next president. She reportedly has told agencies that the first step in the transfer of power may be weeks away.

Claire McCaskill, a Democratic former senator from Missouri whose family is acquaintances with the Murphy family, summed up the current situation like this: “It is clear to anyone with a brain that Joe Biden has won this election, and her refusal to do her duty when the facts are so clear is brazenly political.”

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