Biden Campaign Slams Trump Over Berman Firing

William Barr has shown himself to be an Attorney General that will do anything to make his boss happy. This was on full display on Friday night when the AG announced that SDNY prosecutor Geoffrey Berman was stepping down. Unfortunately for Barr, however, Berman had no intention of leaving his post.

Scott Eisen/Getty Images

The attempted firing followed a pattern of oversight firings since William Barr has become Donald Trump’s Attorney General. The Biden campaign was quick to capitalize on the organizational chaos calling out the multiple Friday firings since the Attorney General assumed his post.

Kate Bedingfield responded to the Berman news on Saturday, “Last night’s news raises yet more fundamental questions about the rule of law in the Trump Administration, and heightens extraordinary concerns about an attorney general who seems to subvert his duty to seek impartial justice in order to further the political interests of the president.”

The likely Democratic nominee’s deputy campaign manager continued, “The Administration must be held to account for the rash of irregular actions taken by Attorney General Barr’s Department of Justice for the president’s personal and political benefit.”


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