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‘Biden Bounce’ After SOTU Boosts POTUS Approval Rating Even Higher

‘Biden Bounce’ After SOTU Boosts POTUS Approval Rating Even Higher

It’s unusual for a President to see a significant boost in their approval ratings after a State of the Union address, but President Joe Biden delivered his speech during a very unusual time.

Soon after Russian dictator Vladimir Putin made the unilateral decision to invade Ukraine, President Biden issued a strong warning to him and anyone who would aid him. The President’s tough stance–which was immediately bolstered by directed sanctions at Putin–was overwhelmingly approved by most Americans, according to a new poll from NPR/PBSNewshour/Marist.

The President’s overall approval rating jumped an impressive eight points after the SOTU, hitting 47%. NPR says the change is due to jumps with Democrats and independents. For example, the Democrats’ approval of President Biden’s actions regarding Ukraine went up 27 points. With independents, it went up 17 points. Overall, the President’s handling of the crisis in Ukraine is 52%.

But the President is also scoring with the right when it comes to Ukraine. A whopping 83% of respondents said they support the economic sanctions the U.S. and allies have leveled against Russia, and that includes 8 in 10 Republicans. When it comes to other issues, the President’s Coronavirus pandemic response rating is now 55%, up 8 points, and his economic handling is also up 8 points, to 45%.

The survey, which was culled from 1,322 adult Americans, yielded some other interesting statistics as well. About 4 in 5 said they’re “very concerned or concerned” about cyberattacks on the United States and that the conflict will spread to a wider war in Europe. Seven in 10 are worried that nuclear weapons will be used. Older Americans, those 45 and older who lived through the Cold War, were 14 points more likely to show that concern. And Americans are split on whether President Biden’s approach has been about right (46%) or too cautious (43%). Just 6% said he has been “too aggressive”.

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