Biden Blasts Trump for Using Hydroxychloroquine

Voters choosing between Joe Biden and Donald Trump in November will most likely be heavily weighing their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Trump has been blasted for his response to the virus so far with a majority of Americans saying that they don’t approve of his handling of the situation.

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

His opponent has had a tough time getting his message out about how he would be handling the issue. Trump did give the former VP a chance to weight in recently by admitting that he’s been taking hydroxychloroquine. Joe Biden ripped into the President for taking the drug against the FDA’s advice, claiming that he should be setting a good example.

Biden explained, “The words of a president matter. You heard the vice president today or yesterday say ‘I’m not using it. I’m not using it.’ The vice president of the United States. Look, this is absolutely irresponsible. There’s no serious medical person out there saying to use that drug. It’s counterproductive. It’s not going to help, but the president, he decided that’s an answer.”

The former Vice President continued, “Look at the studies that have been done. It does much more harm than good. This is totally irresponsible.”

Trump, unsurprisingly, said that he is being criticized for using the drug just because he’s him. The President told reporters of a study pointing out the dangers of the drug, “That was a false study done. Where they gave it very sick people. Extremely sick people. People that were ready to die. It was given by obviously not friends of the administration.”

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