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Biden Administration Standing Behind Fauci After Nothingburger Email Dump

Biden Administration Standing Behind Fauci After Nothingburger Email Dump

Right-wing politicians and commentators are making a fuss over a dump of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails published after they were obtained through a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request. In truth, there’s little if any scandal to be found in the pages, and the Biden Administration is standing with the expert epidemiologist.

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The emails shared predominantly show that Fauci is the same person in private communications that he is in public statements. The Washington Post details such specifics as Fauci telling an official at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention that he’s not offended that a science magazine quoted a health official disagreeing with him (Fauci) on masks, as focused on getting the pandemic under control, and as referring to “some crazy people” when he faced persecution, and as being pretty apolitical.

Right-wing media is attacking Fauci for some specifics, like telling one contact that masks wouldn’t protect the wearer from contracting COVID-19 — uncoincidentally the same thing he said publicly, though guidelines did update to support mask-wearing to protect others from unknowingly infected individuals.

However, the Biden Administration isn’t falling for it. On Friday, as he left the room after giving an update on the jobs report, a reporter called out to ask about his confidence in Fauci. Biden can be seen in the clip below, actually sticking his head back in the room to affirm, “Yes, I’m very confident in Dr. Fauci.”

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Press Secretary Jen Psaki also responded to questions on Thursday, saying that Fauci is “an undeniable asset” and refusing to “relitigate emails from 17 months ago” in which Fauci called rumors about the Wuhan lab conspiracy theories.

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