Beyonce: ‘Grown Woman’ Single Review

Few people can forget the secret release of Beyonce’s self-titled album in 2013, but many can attest that the song, “Grown Woman,” was one of the hardest to obtain. Fans were first introduced to the hit after Beyonce appeared in a Pepsi ad in 2013, dancing in front of a line of mirrors and reliving her iconic looks as the first lines, “You like the way I walk / Cause I walk with a vengeance” played behind her. It was expected to be on the upcoming album, and it was, but…differently. She released it solely as a bonus music video. When the platinum edition of the album came out, fans were able to purchase favorites such as the“***FLAWLESS REMIX” after having to stream it from its original source,, but “Grown Woman” was still nowhere to be found in single-track purchase form. What a shame the unavailability is, because the song is a force to be reckoned with.

“Grown Woman” remains one of the most well-produced and Beyonce songs to this date. From the catchy intro to all the sub-themes happening in the music itself, this song has listeners swaying and head-bobbing to the beat from the moment they first hear it. Accompanied by African tribal beats, Beyoncé states again and again that “I’m a grown woman / I can do whatever I want,” while, ironically, sounding a little childish. Like most of her songs, it’s an anthem for doing what you want, doing it well, and not having to pay the price for it.

Sadly, it took a while for a lot of listeners to get access to “Grown Woman” because of its lack of availability and press. But the video is finally available on YouTube. Check it out!