Beyoncé Designs Dazzling Temporary Tattoo Collection

Fall dangerously in love with Beyoncé’s new temporary tattoo collection. Beyoncé has teamed up with Flash Tattoos to create a five-sheet, 57-piece pack of Bey-themed temporary tattoos. Miranda Burnet, founder of Flash Tattoos, said “We’re thrilled to welcome Beyoncé to the Flash family! Working with her has been incredible.” She solidified her excitement, saying “[Beyoncé] brought really original and beautiful ideas. We came up with a pack that we are all really proud of and excited to wear.”

Flash Tattoos is a jewelry-inspired temporary tattoo brand. Based out of Austin, TX, Flash Tattoos takes the credit for igniting the metallic tattoo trend. The company prides itself on being great “for the beach, the pool, parties, festivals, concerts,” and pretty much anywhere you’re going to let your skin shine.

The Bey-themed tattoos will include words and phrases from Beyonce’s top hits, such as “Naughty Girl,” “Crazy in Love,” and “Put a Ring on It.” “The collection is an edgier take on traditional jewelry. We wanted to focus on making a strong and empowering statement with the designs that embodied Beyoncé: fierce, fabulous, and flawless!” said Burnet. The tattoos can be worn on your wrist, chest, arms, back, and legs. You can wear them individually or layer them to create an interesting look.

Beyoncé has been posting Instagram pics sporting the new trend. She was even spotted wearing the temporary tattoos in her music video for “Feeling Myself.” Beyoncé has taken a strong interest in body art, and I’m sure the rest of the world will follow suit.

Bey is not the only celebrity tackling the tattoo industry. Rihanna recently launched a collection of her own with Jacquie Aiche, a L.A.-based designer, in June. Rihanna’s body tattoo collection is primarily gold and silver. Who knows who might be the next celebrity to jump on the body tattoo train?

Although temporary tattoos are not for everybody, I’m sure we all have a few friends who would love to shimmer and sparkle at their favorite summer festival with a tattoo designed by the Queen Bee herself. If you want to rock the new trend and embrace your inner independent woman, you can purchase the entire collection for $28 online.