Betty Who: ‘Take Me When You Go’ Album Review

The return of 80s sound is one of the highlights of this year’s music trends. From pop synth-filled tunes to catchy lyrics full of gut-churning thoughts on love lost or the feeling of a new relationship, I like that artists are inspired by this ageless style. Betty Who is an artist that captures the 80s spirit perfectly, but hasn’t received enough attention on the charts. She got her start by releasing her debut single, “Somebody Loves You,” independently as a free download. Bloggers loved the upbeat hopeful song about love and it even found its way to a viral video where a guy proposed to his boyfriend in a flash mob routine in Home Depot. “Somebody Loves You” also helped Who land her first number one on Billboard’s Dance/Club Party Songs chart back in March of this year.

I learned about Who when she released her debut EP The Movement on April 16th 2013. The four track EP is a perfect mix of touching lyrics, amazing production and a refreshing 80s inspired sound. I wasn’t the only one that fell in love with Who’s pop tunes soon after with numerous rave reviews from blogs and magazines throughout 2013. Betty Who’s buzz continues to rise with concerts, a growing fan base (Who Crew) and music that gets better with each new release.

Before releasing her debut album Take Me When You Go, Who gave her a fans a little gift as they waited for the album. This gift was her second EP Slow Dancing released April 8th, 2014. “Slow Dancing” took Who’s music to greater pop heights, with lush production, and tracks that showcased Betty Who’s ability to craft emotional tracks that range from blissful love songs (“Heartbreak Dream”) to somber heartbreak (“Silas”). I didn’t know how Who could top herself after two amazing EPs but Take Me When You Go definitely didn’t disappoint.

Betty Who’s light cool vocals lure you in on the intro track “Just Like Me.” Her relationship may be over but Who hasn’t stopped thinking about the guy that found someone new, “I bet she’s beautiful / a 20 out of 10 / That doesn’t keep me from wondering how you’ve been.” I love Who’s dreamy vocals throughout the record, but they fit perfectly on the production of “Just Like Me.” “High Society” is next and the track has Who painting the picture of the escapades she endures with a special someone. If you haven’t noticed, most of Who’s tracks are focused on love but they never sound repetitive due to her songwriting skills. Tracks like “Glory Days” and “Runaways” have a nostalgic feel to them and makes me think of days when pop tracks with bold sound and lyrics that told a specific story dominated the charts.

Slower tracks like “Missing You,” “A Night to Remember,” and “California Rain” display Who at her most vulnerable and lead to perfectly-crafted pop tunes that can easily be your soundtrack to those lonely or heartbreak-filled nights. Peter Thomas (Selena Gomez’s “Stars Dance,” Victoria Justice’s “Gold”) produced most of the album and I love the simplicity in the tracks with very little production (“Better,” “Alone Again”) and tracks that are busting at the seams with pop synths and unwavering beats (“Heartbreak Dream,” “All of You”).

2014 is coming to a close and Take Me When You Go is an album I’ll be taking with me into the New Year. These 13 tracks take you on an emotional filled journey with production that sounds timeless. Albums like this are just waiting to be discovered whenever you’re ready for a good time or need to get some feelings out. I’m excited to see where Betty Who goes next in her music career and I know her ‘Who Crew’ will help the mainstream embrace this dreamy songstress.