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Beto Thinks Texas Will Flip if Biden Visits the State Before Election Day

Beto Thinks Texas Will Flip if Biden Visits the State Before Election Day

There has always been an expectation that Texas could turn blue. There were positive signs in 2018 with Sylvia Garcia, Veronica Escobar and Lizzie Fletcher all winning House seats. That year also saw Beto O’Rourke give Ted Cruz a serious race, losing the senate seat by only 2.6 points.

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And O’Rourke thinks that Texas is even more ripe for an upset than it was two years ago. He has spent the last few months asking the candidate to make a personal appearance in Texas. The former Texas congressman is now saying that if Biden visits in the time before election day, that could very well flip the state.

The Biden campaign has sent surrogates to speak with supporters in the state. Jill Biden recently visited and Kamala Harris was there over the weekend. Michael Bloomberg will also be spending millions to advertise in the state.

With unprecedented early voting, however, O’Rourke thinks that Biden can help to seal the deal. He told Politico:

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“If Joe Biden would come here it would be catalytic. There are millions of Texans who have not voted yet.To have Joe Biden come here and say, ‘You have my back and have turned out in record numbers and now I have your back. I know you had to wait eight hours to vote in Fort Bend County and you didn’t have to do that. I know they are shutting down the absentee drops off locations. I know they are trying to stop you from voting and I have your back in this!’ He’s talking about a fight for the soul of the country. This is a fight for the future of democracy.”

According to 538.com, Biden currently has a 31% chance at carrying Texas.

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