Bernie: This Election Isn’t About Issues, It’s About Saving Democracy

The Democratic party is not a monolith. There are politicians in the party who are far left and there are lawmakers who sit almost completely in the middle. Bernie Sanders, who has twice been the runner-up during the party nomination process is for very progressive policies.

US Senate/Wikimedia

Since falling behind him on Super Tuesday, Sanders has given Joe Biden his full-throated support. This is different than 2016 when the Vermont senator was accused of not doing enough to help Hillary Clinton. Sanders was asked about his support for Biden on Thursday and said that this election is about saving Democracy.

The politician made the comments while appearing on Stephanie Ruhle’s MSNBC show. When the host asked about issues, Sanders replied, “Look, Joe Biden and I disagree on issues, but the truth is, President Trump is the most dangerous president in the history of this country.”

The Vermont senator continued, “And this campaign is not even about the economy or health care or climate change. What this campaign about is whether or not we maintain democracy in America. And when you have a president who is behind in every national poll, occasionally by double digits, who then tells his supporters that the only way we can lose this election is if it’s rigged, what do you think he is telling the American people?”

Sanders then brought up Republicans who support Biden. “It’s not because they support Biden’s ideology or they certainly don’t support my ideology, but they understand that we have a president who is threatening our democracy, a president who does not believe in the Constitution or the rule of law. That’s where we are today, sad to say.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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