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Bernie: Taxpayers Should no Longer Subsidize Walmart’s Starvation Wages

Bernie: Taxpayers Should no Longer Subsidize Walmart’s Starvation Wages

Earlier this week, lawmakers held a hearing on the plan to raise the minimum wage. The most viral moment of the hearing was when Costco CEO Craig Jelenik shutting down Lindsey Graham’s ridiculous claims.

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And Costco also announced that they will be paying all their workers at least $15 an hour. Other large scale stores, though, have fought against paying their employees a living wage.

The most famous of these examples is Walmart. During his Sunday interview on CNN, Bernie Sanders called out the company for paying its workers starvation wages.

Sanders began the interview by discussing his disappointment in the fight to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Anderson Cooper asked specifically about Walmart’s opposition to the bill.

The Vermont senator responded:

“This is a family that is incredibly wealthy. One of their owners spend zillions of dollars on antique cars. They’ve got mansions. They have all kinds of art collections. But somehow or another they can’t pay their starting wage at more than 11 bucks an hour. The same thing for Burger King, same thing for McDonald’s, same thing for Dollar General.”

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Sanders also posted a message on Twitter that read, “Walmart, the largest employer in America, is owned by the richest family in America. Their wealth has gone up $50 billion during the pandemic, and they spend millions on themselves. But the company they own starts workers off at $11 an hour. That is outrageous.”

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