Bernie Sanders Tears Into “Pathetic” Elon Musk

Elon Musk, creator of the Tesla automobile, has been aggressive in fighting Covid-19 restrictions. He defiantly opened his Tesla factory during the outbreak against county orders in early May. Musk then fired workers who stayed home due to safety concerns. Two workers from the plant also tested positive for the virus.

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The tech mogul has also come out against a second stimulus package to help Americans who have been hurt financially by the pandemic. This drew the ire of Bernie Sanders who slammed the “hypocrite” Musk who has taken millions in American tax dollars.

Musk tweeted on Friday, “Another government stimulus package is not in the best interests of the people imo.” He continued, “Goal of government should be to maximize the happiness of the people. Giving each person money allows them to decide what meets their needs, rather than the blunt tool of legislation, which creates self-serving special interests.”

The Vermont Senator shot back, “What a hypocrite. Elon Musk has received billions in corporate welfare from U.S. taxpayers. Now he wants to stop 30 million Americans who lost jobs from receiving $600 a week in unemployment benefits, while his wealth has gone up by $46.7 billion over the past 4 months. Pathetic.”


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