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Bernie Sanders: Low Unemployment Rate Doesn’t Mean Americans Are Doing Well

Bernie Sanders: Low Unemployment Rate Doesn’t Mean Americans Are Doing Well

Despite a tumultuous and controversial first term, Donald Trump often points to the low unemployment rate as one of the true successes of his presidency. The president not only brags about the job market for minorities, but for all Americans.

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The truth behind the job market, some say, is a bit more nuanced. Bernie Sanders is one of those people. During a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, the Vermont senator explained why a robust job market doesn’t necessarily mean people are better off.

The Democratic hopeful explained, “If I want to go out and get a job today, I can get a job. That’s true. But on the other hand … I can’t find a job that pays me a wage that allows me to deal with health care and pay my rent or put gas in the car. So the economic crisis that we’re facing now is not unemployment, which is low. It is wages.”

Sanders furthered elaborated:

“I don’t know the exact number, but there’s a hell of a lot of a lot of people in this country, who if their car broke down and they needed $500 to fix that car, don’t have that 500 bucks. They’ll have to go to some payday lender to come up with the money. We got 45 million people who are dealing with student loan debt, and some of it is outrageous levels of student loan debt. In this city (Los Angeles), you got 50,000 people who are sleeping out in the streets.”

You can read Sanders’ complete interview here

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